tl_files/photos_foundation/contact-us.jpgYachana Foundation Offices: Reina Victoria N21-226 y Vicente Ramón Roca Quito - Ecuador Phone: +593 2 252 3777.

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Rainforest Conservation


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Address: Reina Victoria N21-226 y Vicente Ramón Roca, La Mariscal
Quito - Ecuador
Phone: +593 2 252 3777

Fax: +593 2 252 3327
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Yachana Foundation

Yachana Foundation

Yachana Foundation is dedicated to finding sustainable solutions in the struggle between the ideals of rainforest preservation and the realities of life in the Ecuadorian Amazon.


Yachana has spent 24 years implementing tangible improvements in local communities: education, training, community development, health, micro-enterprise and micro-finance while exposing needs to the world through its tourism programs. Education and hands-on training programs provide locals with the skills to improve their lives and protect their rainforest.


The Yachana Training Center, part of Yachana Foundation, opened in 2014.  Prior to 2014 youth of the area had the opportunity to attend Yachana Technical High School [2005 - 2013] also an enabler of high school age indigenous and mestizo students living in remote rural communities in Ecuador's Amazon region access to better education. Yachana has successfully accomplished educational and vocational training as fulfillment of its mission for more almost 10 years.


Programs from Yachana schools are about promoting conservation of the Amazon's biodiversity through teaching sustainable use of natural resources, providing professional skills to improve employability, and mentoring management of student-run ecological enterprises. Subjects include eco-tourism, sustainable agriculture, computers, nutrition, forest and wildlife management and environmentally sustainable micro-enterprises.


Yachana is Creating Sustainable Solutions of Purpose

We unite mestizos and indigenous students, teachers, and families to implement community-based solutions to poverty and environmental conservation in the rainforest, create sustainable economic opportunity and growth and help communities improve local livelihoods in the Amazon region of Ecuador.


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